What is Skyload?

Skyload is a free application (a web-browser add-on) which allows to download music and video contents from popular social media services in one-click.

Skyload. Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide our users with a powerful tool for downloading of all kind of media files from the Internet.

How to set up a Skyload?

Skyload is a web-browser add-on, so you do not need to install anything. It is required to click on «Setup» and press the «Add» button.

Skyload supports the following web-borwsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Chromium
  • Opera
  • Yandex.Browser
  • Vivaldi
  • Orbitum
  • Amigo
  • And other Chromium-based web browsers

Web Stores Links:

Skyload advantages to other analogous solutions.

Skyload download manager is a statistic info about the files found, the list of audio and video files on the web page, the items of download management.

Multiupload is one of the core functions of Skyload which allows you to download all or several files from a web page in a couple of clicks. You have an option to choose files required, to see how much space is required to store them (Mb) on the hard drive and then to download the files. After this you can monitor the download progress and control it: to cancel the download of several or of all the files. Also you can download the entire albums and play lists. In order to do so you should enable the «Separate Catalogues» option before you start a Multidownload. In this case the files will be saved to the destination folder labled [artist - album]. Please, be informed that it might be applicable not for all the web sites, as the information regarding the album is required (for example, Yandex.Music, Yandex.Radio, SoundCloud).

User friendly interface Skyload builds its items into the target web sites (download buttons, arrow icons), so they look like the native ones.

Tags and cover all the audio files are downloaded with ID3 tags and the cover (if the cover is available).

Size and quality before the download of the file, you have an option to check its size, a bitrate of audio file and a quality of video file.

Compatibility Skyload allows to hide its elements on one or several web sites and simultaneously use analogous add-ons. More deatils.

The direct file links Skyload generates direct links for the files and does not redirect you to third party web sites. In this way you can be sure that the download process is safe.

Skyload. How it works?

You can check the guide with the screenshots on how Skyload works on the main page of the site.

How to download a video from YouTube?

Chrome Web Store (Google) does not allow to download videos from YouTube. That is why this function is not available in Skyload for Chrome Web Store.

However, you can download videos from YouTube using Opera web browser or Yandex.Browser. In order to setup the add-on for these web-browsers go to the Opera Add-ons web page and press «Add» button.

How to download all the files (music and/or video) from a page?

In order to download all or several files from a web page you need to launch Skyload download manager and set it to «Multiload» mode by clicking on respective button. Then you should choose all or several files and press «Start» button. The download will start immediately.

How to check which files are in progress of downloading at the moment?

The red marker with a number means that Skyload downloads files. This digit defines the number for the files downloading.

In order to check the downloads and perform required actions you need to click on status bar in the bottom. After this a downloads mode will become available and you will be able to perform the actions required.

How to locate the downloaded files?

All the downloaded files are stored in standard «Downloads» folder of your operation system. In order to check or change the downloads destination folder you need to open settings of your web-browser and locate the respective option.

How to change the download destination folder?

By default Skyload stores all the files to the «Downloads» folder on your operation system. Skyload cannot change the downloads destination folder, however, Skyload still can create its own folders in «Downloads» folder. In case you wish to change the downloads destination folder this option is available in settings of your web-browser.

How to remove a Save File pop-up window?

In order to hide the dialogue window you need to uncheck the respective option in settings of your web-browser.

How to disable Skyload for one of the sites?

Skyload builds its elements (buttons, arrow icons etc) into the target web sites. However, sometimes it is required to disable these elements for one or several web sites.

This is handy when you use several analogous add-ons and may prefer using other add-on for certain web site.

Please open a Skyload download manager. In the opened window You will see relevant switchers for file types (music, video). Just press on the switcher required and all the elements of this type will be hidden for current web site.

It is worth to mention, that even if these elements are disabled you still have an access to them on the web page recognized by Skyload. Skyload download manager always shows the files found.

Why Skyload might not show all the files (music and/or video) on the page?

Skyload manages the files found on the web page. In order to retrieve all of the files they need to be uploaded on the page. For example, if the playlist contains 1000 audio tracks while Skyload shows only 50, you need to scroll to the bottom of the web page till all the tracks are uploaded.

Please, be also informed that there are formats and services that are not supported by Skyload. We are opened to be contacted with your further suggestions and demands.

Why Skyload might not work?

Here are the troubleshooting steps:

  • To refresh the page, which Skyload has an issue with.
  • To restart a web-browser.
  • To restart a Skyload.

In case the issue still persists please contact our technical support via email address skyload.help@gmail.com and one of our specialists will contact you back.

How to disable advertising?

Skyload is a free application (a web-browser add-on). In order to live and develop this app contains light advertisement materials.

You can donate to the project by purchasing the subscription and get your favourite add-on free of advertisments. More Details.

How to know if I have a subscription with Skyload?

There are two way to check if you have a subscription with us:

  1. The web site you should authorize and click on your profile in the menu. In the pop-up information window you will see the subscription info and its expiration date.
  2. Extension you can open the menu in Skyload download manager and check your profile and the information regarding the subscription.

How to change the language of interface for the add-on?

In order to change the language you need to open a menu in Skyload download manager, and then choose the language required.

How to place a question or make a suggestion?

You can place a question or make a suggestion to VKontakte and on Facebook or right below this article in the comments. Also you are welocme to email it to skyload.help@gmail.com

For copyrights holders.

Dear copyrights holders, the Skyload resource does not store the files on its servers and does not publish the links. In case your copyrights are violated please contact the administrators of respective web sites that might store your files. For more details please refer to User License Agreement.